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Virtual Presentations 101 With Lorraine Lee

Episode Summary

Lorraine Lee tells Kim the secrets to setting up an enticing virtual presentation.

Episode Notes

We might be going back to in person meetings, events and work but virtual presentations aren't going. This week we dig into day-of logistics of setting up an enticing virtual presentation, best tips for when you’re on screen and how you can show up looking professional & prepared every single time - even from your living room! As the Head of Editorial at presentation company Prezi, Lorraine knows how to keep the virtual audiences engaged and shares her favorite tools with us. Presentations can be daunting but these tried & tested techniques will have you ready to wow the crowd.



05:45 Intro To Lorraine & Prezi

09:27 Tips For Showing Up On Camera

14:05 Reading The Virtual Room

25:53 Biggest Mistakes With Virtual Presentations

32:30 Async Communication

38:00 Speed Round


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